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“I used Bio Bidet for the first time in my life. It only took a few tries to get hooked on it, now I can't live without it!” - T.Moon

“I've had a haemorrhoid, and Bio Bidet changed my life. Thank you” - P.Smith

“Just wanted to let you know that Bio Bidet was by far the simplest installation of a plumbing fixture I've ever dealt with.” - A.Benstead

“Exactly what I wanted.” - S.Gordon

“Such an easy installation. Took me only 6 minutes to install Bio Bidet” - T.Fowler

“I currently own the BB-1000, it has given me a feeling of personal hygiene confidence that is hard to explain” - B.Carter

“Bio Bidet is a great space saver” - E.Vickers

“I stayed at a luxury hotel in the Far East and experienced a bidet toilet seat for the first time.
I was so glad that Bio Bidet is now available in UK and did not hesitate to get one.” - A.Milner

“I have a degenerative joint condition, my mobility is extremely limited but with Bio Bidet I can clean myself. My self-esteem has rocketed” - K.Terry

“We are delighted with the Bio Bidet. It makes a huge difference to my wife, who has MS and makes my life as carer much easier. Thank you for all your help. ” - Mr Fox




"I've had a haemorrhoid, and Bio Bidet changed my life. Thank you"


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